The Deepwood Sessions

A House Concert Series In The Heart Of Reston



The deepwood sessions are...

...a series of house concerts hosted in the Deepwood Neighborhood of Reston, Virginia. We are committed to cultivating community in our neighborhood by creating opportunities for neighbors and friends to gather together and enjoy the creativity and talent of local and touring musicians. We also hope to provide a platform for independent artists to showcase their music to a potentially new audience. 

We are committed to providing a listening room environment where the artist has the center stage and can share stories behind the songs, be heard, and be compensated by donations from the audience. We host a variety of styles and genres of music but all of the concerts will be acoustic and unplugged. Each concert will have a suggested minimum donation that may vary but all proceeds from the donations go directly to the artist.

Because these events are house concerts that are centered on showcasing the talent of musical artists and not house parties with background music we ask all our guest to respect the listening rules when the concert begins. This will make the night more enjoyable for the artist, the other listeners, and yourself. 

Attendance for these events is limited and advance RSVP is recommended. We will fill the space on a first come first serve basis. You are welcome to show up without an RSVP but please understand that if the space is full we may have to turn people away. 

These events are family friendly events but we would suggest that they may only be appropriate for children ages 12 and older who can listen attentively to the music. You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or a few beers along with you to enjoy in moderation. We ask all of our guests to be respectful of our home, the other guests in attendance, and the artists sharing their music with us.